Seascape Bed & Breakfast Doolin

Tiergoneen Court Tomb

Approx 3800BC

Seascape Bed & Breakfast Doolin

Tiergoneen Court Tomb, Doolin

If the day is fine, take the time to walk to the very end of the road behind Seascape B&B. Where the road ends, the craggy, rocky Burren landscape takes over. At the end of the road, climb over a very low wall. Walk about 50 metres in the direciton of 1 o'clock and look to see a pathway that leads to the right and brings you to four standing stones; the remains of what was Tiergoneen Court Tomb.

The tomb dates from about 3800BC. the tomb comprised of an open semi-circular forecourt most probably used for ceremonial purposes. At the back of the forecourt is a narrow entranceway to a long rectangular burial gallery. Be careful not to alter or damage our prehistoric heritage.

Spend some time taking in the silence and the magnificent view of the Atlantic and the Aran Islands. You will be the latest of a long line of human beings who have been doing the same for 6000 years.

Seascape Bed & Breakfast Doolin

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